S.I.A.P. is a small company with a great history which, since 1964, in Ancona (Central Italy) has imported,
unloaded, worked and stored in its plant coals for Italian steel, beton and brick industries.

Focus on the person, prevention and protection of workers, environment and Customers needs are values S.I.A.P. considers the base for its Integrated Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Management System, developed on requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and on following principles, whom it commits to fulfill, both as management and employees:

  • Previously evaluating impacts of its activities on Environment and Community and on Health and Safety of employees who work in, or on behalf of, the Company or at its Customers
  • Surveying adopted working processes, to avoid any negative influence on Environment and Community and on Health & Safety in workplaces
  • Setting itself the goal of identify and satisfy present and future Customer needs, by supplying a service/product which fulfills declared and awaited requirements and by communicating it to him.
  • Act fully respecting current laws and voluntarily adopted regulations, keeping and promoting an open dialogue with Authorities and Inspection Bodies
  • Use working means, procedures, methods which can minimize energy and raw materials consumption, environmental and accident risks, injuries and professional deseases, by adopting high safety standards
  • Search and get high level employees, promoting their capacities and enhancing their experience and knowledge with specific information, education and training
  • In “Improvement Plans” set targets and action plans, assuring necessary resources and defining methods to measure their degree of achievement
  • Promote a synergic cooperation with its suppliers:
  • Stimulating them to supply services/products of increasing quality and aligned with its targets
  • Trying to integrate respective prevenction and protection programs
  • Verifying they know the content of this Policy and they comply with procedures of management system in so far they apply to them
  • Continuously keep attention to prevent emergencies and to assure a prompt and effective counteraction to them, with a continuous process of awareness and training
  • Assure that employees and their Safety Representative are consulted about programs and results concerning Health, Safety and Environment
  • By adopting effective and affordable processes and by introducing technological ingredients when possible, offer services/products of increasing quality
  • During periodic re-examinations by the management, evaluate suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of Integrated Management System and degree of achievement of improvement targets.

We, management and workers of S.I.A.P., are aware that responsibility and commitment for continuous improvement are part of our tasks and we want that safeguard of Environment, Health and Safety together with Customer satisfaction be our strength; this way, in a virtuous circle, we shall produce the maximum value and the greatest competitiveness for our Company, Customers and Suppliers, for the common good.


Ancona, 1/6/2017                                                                                                           S.I.A.P. S.p.A. – Management